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How to Spell Your Name in Chinese?

How to Spell Your Name in Chinese?

It is popular to use Chinese symbols as tattoos and as some artistic elements. However, it is difficult to understand what the characters exactly mean. If you want to put your name into characters, you will need to research Chinese symbols.

Now Chinese is more and more popular language learning in this world. So many friends asked me how to spell their names by Chinese. In fact we can use two ways to do it, firstly “Direct translation”, secondly do a new Chinese name.

Example: Andrew

lì rú :ān dé lǔ


If you use direct translation then locals will know you are not Chinese so clearly. So how to hide by a Chinese name. I recommend you to create a new Chinese name.

Example: Andrew


lì rú :ān jiàn guó

What is the meaning of  jiàn guó (建国)? You may ask me. I will tell you, we really love to use phrase of country, or China. I will give a list:

致远 – zhì yuǎn -Zhiyuan (from Zhuge Liang’s “commandment child book”: “non-indifferent to Ming, non-quiet no to Zhiyuan”)
俊驰 – Chun Chi (from idiom: Jun only star Chi)
雨泽 – Rain Ze (as much grace, like rain)
烨磊 – Ye Lei (honorable)
晟睿 – Sheng Rui ( “Sheng” is a bright, thriving meaning, read shèng; “Core” is the meaning of wisdom)
天佑 – God Bless (born blessed child)
文昊 – Wen Hao (Hao word meaning is: the majority of boundless)
修洁 – Repair Jie (Amendment: describe the tall slender tall, clean: clean)
黎昕 – Li Xin (Li: Dawn Xin: bright appearance)
远航 – Voyage (a good man, just let him go sailing right)
旭尧 – Xu Yao (Asahi: Sun Yao: The wise monarch in ancient times, the latter refers to saints)
鸿涛 – Hongtao (Hong: strong, prosperous)


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