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Basic Rules of Hanyu Pinyin – General rules

Basic Rules of Hanyu Pinyin – General rules

  1. Words are the basic units for spelling the Chinese Common Language.
    • rén (person/people),
    • péngyou (friend[s]),
    • túshūguǎn (library/libraries)
  2. Structures of two or three syllables that indicate a complete concept are linked:
    • quánguó (the whole nation),
    • duìbuqǐ (sorry),
    • qiūhǎitáng (begonia)
  3. Separate terms with more than 4 syllables if they can be separated into words, otherwise link all the syllables:
    • wúfèng gāngbǐ (seamless pen),
    • yánjiūshēngyuàn (graduate school),
    • jīngtǐguǎn gōnglǜ fàngdàqì (transistor power amplifier),
    • Hóngshízìhuì (Red Cross)
  4. Reduplicated monosyllabic words are linked, but reduplicated disyllabic words are separated:
    • rénrén (everybody),
    • chángshi chángshi (give it a try)

    Juxtaposed reduplications (AABB structures) are separated by a hyphen:

    • láilái-wǎngwǎng (come to and fro)
    • qīngqīng-chǔchǔ (be clearly)
  5. In certain situations, for the purpose of making it convenient to read and understand the words, a hyphen can be added:
    • huán-bǎo (environmental protection)
    • shíqī-bā suì (17 or 18 years old)

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